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Business Law
White & Shepherd, LLP, represents business and corporate clients in a wide range of transactions. Our clients include small and medium-sized businesses, including publishers, professional service providers, family businesses, sole proprietors, businesses in the restaurant and hospitality industry, and a wide variety of other business entities.

Some of the services we provide to business clients include:
  • Contract review and drafting
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Employment Agreements
  • Business Entity Maintenance
  • Business Entity Dissolution
White & Shepherd, LLP, helps form new businesses by advising clients on the best business entity for their circumstances. We represent existing business clients beginning an additional enterprise, clients starting their first business, as well as businesses that seek expansion or modification.

We assist with business planning, and review loan documents and operating agreements. In everything we do for our business clients, we offer personal service, dedication, and knowledgeable representation. In addition to forming new businesses, we help with business entity dissolutions when it becomes necessary to cease business operations.

Please review our article discussing the types of business entities and some pros and cons for each:

Restaurant and Hospitality Law
Restaurants and hotels face a wide variety of federal, state and local laws and regulations concerning their premises, employees and services all of which have the ability to take time and resources away from their primary goals of providing food, comfort, and atmosphere. Restaurants in particular find that success or failure can stem from how wisely they are legally established at their outset. Flawed financing, lease difficulties, and poor labor relations can result in serious problems for the business even after years of operation. From small, chef-owned eateries to national restaurant and hotel chains, the need for legal counsel across an array of disciplines from transactions to immigration law is a necessary feature for ongoing bottom-line success. Contact attorney Daniel White for Restaurant and Hospitality Law matters. Also follow our Restaurant and Hospitality Law Blog (

Civil Litigation
White & Shepherd, LLP's Oregon office provides a variety of civil litigation services. We can professionally handle all types of complex civil litigation cases, including: wrongful death claims; contract disputes; business litigation; landlord/tenant disputes; real estate litigation; insurance claims; and car accidents.

Car Accident & Wrongful Death Claims
Dealing with the ramifications of a car accident or the untimely death of a loved one due to the negligence of a third party can be overwhelming. Most people do not fully understand all of their legal rights, and insurance companies often push injured parties to settle their claims early and for much less than the injured party is legally entitled to recover. At White & Shepherd, LLP, we can help navigate you through the insurance claims process to ensure you are properly compensated for your damaged vehicle, medical bills, lost time and wages, and pain and suffering. Should the need arise, we can also litigate your personal injury or wrongful death claim to maximize your entitled recovery. We will handle all aspects of your claim, from dealing with the insurance carriers to prosecuting the probate in the case of a wrongful death.

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Traffic Violations
We defend individuals and businesses charged with a variety of state, local, and municipal traffic offenses, including reckless driving, speeding, license suspensions, operating without insurance, and truck overweight matters.

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