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Our immigration attorneys treat every client like family and strive to add a personal touch to our legal representation.  Our goal is to go above and beyond to assist our clients in achieving their immigration needs.  We truly understand the importance immigration plays in our clients’ lives.  We work hard to stay on top of the ever-changing immigration laws and rules so that we may provide our clients with relevant and accurate representation.


Our personal injury attorneys are experienced in all types of personal injury cases, including car accidents, bike accidents, uninsured motorist, traumatic automobile injuries, premises liability, and wrongful death claims.  We handle all personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis so our clients never pay attorney fees out of pocket.  Please call today to schedule a free personal injury consultation.

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Keith is the most compassionate, knowledgeable and trustworthy attorney I've ever worked with. My husband was injured in a car accident and we felt very desperate while dealing with insurance companies who were clearly not interested in his well-being. Keith not only helped us navigate the injury side of our claim but also helped with the property side of things--which was HUGE for us. If we hadn't called Keith, I honestly think we would have been paid next to nothing for a totaled car and would be paying out of pocket for my husband's medical bills.

Emily E.

Portland, OR

Keith took the time when I called to thoroughly explain the post-auto collision process, in a very clear and concise, easy-to-understand manner. He then gave me a good idea of at what point in the process I might wish to hire an attorney, without any pressure whatsoever. Incredibly kind and helpful, and I will be calling back if the time comes that I need to do so.

A. S.

Portland, OR

I talked with several lawyers about a conflict I've been dealing with. Mr. White was the first genuine person I felt I could have a normal conversation with. I really appreciated his honesty and his ability to clearly convey his perspective to me. He gave me some practical and helpful tips I could try on my own before hiring him. Should things not work out, I will be returning. Thanks!

Beyoung Y.

Beaverton, OR

I was in an automobile accident last week and suffered injuries. There were so many things happening so quickly from the loss of my car to medical treatments that I was an at a loss Keith got on the phone and spent 15 minutes walking me through all my questions and concerns at this stage of the process I can't tell you what a relief it is to have someone in your corner giving you sound advice When I am ready to file a claim against the vehicle that hit me -- I will be back to work with Keith. His professionalism is commendable.

Kedma O.

Portland, OR

I'm very pleased with using White & Shepherd for my wife's car accident.  Keith was very helpful the whole way through.  He even helped walk us through the whole process and gave us very useful information before we even signed with them.  There was a bit of a miss communication with his office at one point, but Keith called and personally cleared it up. When we did finally sign with him he took over everything, and we never had to deal with GEICO again.  Which was an amazing load off our shoulders?  I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

Bill B.

Beaverton, OR

Keith Shepherd was extremely professional, knowledgeable, as well as compassionate in obtaining a settlement for me after a slip and fall accident. He was particularly sensitive to a family situation that was part of the process. He was always responsive immediately to any questions or concerns that I had. This is not something I had ever done before and he made the process easy to understand and suited to my particular needs.

Karen S.

Danville, CA

Tanya Shepherd took care of my immigration cases.  She helped me with my green card in 2009 and my citizenship in 2014.  She was extremely nice, personable, efficient and truly cared about my situation.  She is extremely responsive.  My process went incredibly smoothly. It took only total of ~2 years from the time my green card application was filed until the time I got it,  This is extremely fast compared to a lot of people I know who went through the same process.  She kept me in the loop at all time on where I am in the process and in the queue with the USCIS. I could not be happier with her service.   She also helped a lot of my friends through their immigration needs.  They have all been very happy with the firm and her service.

J S.

Honolulu, HI

When you or someone you love has been injured and you feel you have a legitimate case to pursue whomever it was who was at fault you want the best in your corner to defend your rights.  Keith Shepherd is your guy.  Attorneys get a bad rep because of dishonest swindlers in their industry.  It's refreshing to know there are still good-hearted attorneys such as Keith and his team and White & Shepherd LLP who take the time to understand your case and how their actions will best serve you, not their pocketbook.  They don't want you to have to call them because it means you're going through a tough ordeal in your life.  Yet we know life happens and not all of our experiences are in our favor.  Call White & Shepherd today and let them help Right the Wrong that has been done to you.  It will likely be the best call you every make!

Brian T.

Sherwood, OR